With a Funny Post Teletubbies Thanks for the Loki Reference

With a Funny Post Teletubbies Thanks for the Loki Reference
With a Funny Post, Teletubbies Thanks for the Loki Reference

Of all the Loki series’s inspirations, the one that got the most attention was from Teletubbies, and the crossover ended up being a success.

The influence was cited before the series premiere by director Kate Herron and left fans curious, to say the least. So now it’s the colorful little critters with their TVs in their bellies that pay homage to the God of Mischief from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The official Teletubbies Twitter account shared an image of Dipsy wearing Loki’s horned helmet, posing on a background similar to the official series posters.

Kate Herron herself responded to the image, saying it was the best moment of her career, and honestly, we believe it!

Check it out:

That Teletubbies influence on Loki appeared in the dimension that is called The Void. According to Herron, the idea for The Void is that it was a deteriorated version of the land where the characters from the children’s show live, which makes a lot of sense if we pay attention to the details.

However, Loki did not find a sun with a smiling babyface.

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