Deadpool and She-Hulk May Be Best Friends in the MCU

Deadpool and She-Hulk May Be Best Friends in the MCU

Fans are really looking forward to the Deadpool 3 release, the third chapter of a franchise that began in 2016.

The success of Marvel’s anti-hero was absolute from the very first moment, something we can attribute to the tremendous talent of Ryan Reynolds as the protagonist. The actor’s work has yielded a sequel and a third confirmed film, and future projects are starting to be discussed.

Deadpool 3 will arrive in 2023, but it will already bring a big difference from the first release. This will be the first time Wade Wilson is introduced into the MCU‘s history and mythology. Even though he had already brought references to the MCU movies, Deadpool never really became part of the same universe as Doctor Strange and Spider-Man.

Due to Reynolds’ busy schedule and the multiple projects that Marvel is developing simultaneously, Deadpool 3 filming is not expected to start until next year. 

The latest rumor involving the series concerns a crossover. Apparently, Marvel is considering a friendship between Wade Wilson and Jennifer Walters’ heroine, She-Hulk. The biggest reason for this is that both series will have their protagonists breaking the fourth wall and interacting with the same audience.

Should we have a friendship between Deadpool and Walters? It will undoubtedly be terrific and well accepted by fans, especially if both appear in each other’s productions.

Also, Walters and Wilson have already crossed paths in the comics, even if it’s not something that happens very often.

The She-Hulk series is expected to be released in 2022 on Disney+.

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