Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero – Piccolo’s House Revealed

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero - Piccolo's House Revealed

One of the revealed images from the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie shows Piccolo’s house, and now we also have more details about it.

The namekuseijin has already been very well established on Earth for a long time. Still, apparently, his intense bond with Gohan remains stronger than ever, as he has never been very distant from Goku’s son.

On the Akira Toriyama’s franchise official website, a piece of information was published that had already been mentioned some time ago in promotional materials for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F.

Now, officially, we know that Piccolo lives on a mountain located on a portion of Earth that belongs to none other than Mr. Satan, the “savior” of Earth.

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero - Piccolo's House

In addition, it has been revealed that the location of the namekuseijin’s house is not too far from the place where Gohan lives with his family.

More than that, it is known that Piccolo frequently visits the house, and this should bring him closer to Pan, Gohan’s daughter, and Videl, Mr. Satan’s granddaughter. Little Saiyajin should appear in the movie a little more grown-up, and there is a chance we will see her training.

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