Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Preview Shows Nuclear Holocaust

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 Preview Shows Nuclear Holocaust

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 has gained its first preview. The video, revealed during a San Diego Comic-Con@Home 2021 panel, shows Morgan Jones (Lennie James) caring for Rachel and baby Morgan. Outside the shelter, the world succumbs to the nuclear holocaust that was started at the hands of Teddy (John Glover).

Ian Goldberg, co-showrunner of Fear the Walking Dead, explained in more detail what the protagonists of The Walking Dead’s spin-off series would encounter in season seven.

Well, it’s gonna be a big escalation beyond what we saw in season five. We’re dealing with multiple nuclear warheads that have detonated across the landscape. It’s going to change everything,” he commented.

It’s going to change the walkers. It’ll change how our characters navigate the world outside, where the air is not breathable unless through a gas mask. Resources are going to be more scarce. But, as with every apocalypse, we will also see that this event will bring a new brand of human adversary that will challenge our group. It’s a new world, in a lot of different ways,” added Goldberg.

The Walking Dead’s spin-off series panel brought together key actors from the series, such as James himself, Colman Domingo, Danay Garcia, and more, to discuss the future directions of the plot following the events that brought season end.

At the end of the previous year’s series, the protagonists had to deal with an unexpected threat in the midst of a zombie apocalypse: the firing of a missile from a nuclear submarine. The promise is that the seventh season will show them relearning how to deal with the end of the world after the destruction of practically everything they had been building.

Launched in 2015, Fear the Walking Dead is the first derivative of The Walking Dead and is set in Los Angeles, telling the story of two families who must come together to survive the apocalypse.

Fear the Walking Dead Season 7 will have its first eight episodes released starting October 17.

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