James Gunn Jokes Peacemaker Won’t Get a Season 2 for an Unusual Reason

James Gunn Jokes Peacemaker Won't Get a Season 2 for an Unusual Reason
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James Gunn is worried about the Peacemaker series, as he believes there won’t be a second season – and John Cena is to blame.

The actor, who will make his debut as the villain in Suicide Squad, is remembered for showing up everywhere wearing the character’s costume. And that’s the problem Gunn pointed out in his most recent TV appearance.

The director was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and said he’s worried about the second season of the Peacemaker series because John Cena keeps picking up the hero’s costumes and showing up with them everywhere.

I know it doesn’t seem that expensive, but these uniforms cost tens of thousands of dollars to make. And we’re waiting for a second season, and now HBO won’t give it to us because we’ve blown the budget,” Gunn laughed.

John Cena has even appeared on the same show wearing the Peacemaker costume as well as other shows and events. Apparently, the actor just likes the outfit and wants to wear it everywhere, creating hilarious moments.

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