Loki Director Jokes About Making a Miss Minutes Movie

Loki Director Jokes About Making a Miss Minutes Movie

Although director Kate Herron won’t be returning for Loki season two, she makes sure to have some ideas directed at the frighteningly cute mascot Miss Minutes.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Herron was approached about the prospect of making a slasher movie centered on TVA mascot Miss Minutes following the character’s jump scare in episode 6.

Herron replied with a laugh, “I would love to! That would actually be my dream.”

Miss Minutes’ first appearance was still in the Loki pilot as part of the Temporal Variance Authority (TVA) video presentation.

However, the rest of the season brought her back in rather bizarre moments for a – supposedly – artificial intelligence.

So far, it is unclear whether she also exists in the new AVT timeline, to which the God of Mischief has been sent.

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