Masters of the Universe Revelation: Special Episode Brings Spoilers to Part 2

Masters of the Universe Revelation Special Episode Brings Spoilers to Part 2

Hosted by Tiffany Smith, Kevin Smith, and Rob David, Masters of the Universe – Revelation “Aftershow”, is available on Netflix.

Along with the release of Masters of the Universe: Revelation – Part 1, Netflix has also released a special episode just over 20 minutes long that features Tiffany Smith (the animated series’ Andra), showrunner Kevin Smith and executive producer Rob David at the helm of a talk show that dives straight into spoilers from the series.

The aftershow gathers cast members to bring trivia in a celebratory mood and even hints at what to expect in Part 2, with no release date yet confirmed.

The special is barely open, and already Smith is claiming that “we’ve killed Adam twice,” in reference to both the pilot episode and the last chapter of Part 1.

In the opening, He-Man is pulverized by the destructive power of all of the magic of Ethernia, channeled into the two halves of the sword of power. Brought back from paradise by Teela in the fifth episode, he is surprised by Skeleton, who impales him in the back using the Havoc Staff and takes the sword of power for himself.

Smith’s statement is shocking because the prince’s death is not made clear, but fortunately, the showrunner corrects himself in a second:

We apparently killed him,” he says. That’s because all indicate that the animated series’s second installment will feature Adam not only surviving his injuries but somehow managing to become He-Man again. On Twitter, Smith himself promised an incredible battle between the hero and Skeleton in the seventh chapter of the series.

Scares aside, the aftershow schedule continues with lighthearted interviews conducted by the three hosts and core members of the Masters of the Universe: Revelation cast.

Participating in the chat are Sarah Michelle Gellar (Teela), Chris Wood (Adam/He-Man), Liam Cunningham (Man-At-Arms), Alan Oppenheimer (Moss Man), Lena Headey (Evil-Lyn), Kevin Conroy (Mer-Man), Henry Rollins (Tri-Klops), Jason Mewes (Stinkor), and Stephen Root (Cringer/Battle Cat).

And as much as the conversation with Rollins and Mewes alone is dull, the real highlights are Oppenheimer‘s story of his relationship with fans since voicing the Skeleton in the 1980s cartoon and the charisma of Conroy and Hamill, veterans of Batman: The Animated Series.

In the segment devoted to collectibles (a must, this is a Mattel production, after all), Smith and Mewes clown around in the best style of their traditional characters Jay and Silent Bob.

It’s not really funny, but it helps to contextualize the toy business. By contrast, Stephen Root‘s genuine excitement over a Battle Cat doll is enough to make the space given over to the merchandise worthwhile.

The aftershow is really worth it for two more direct pieces of information about the future of the series.

There is a hint that Evil-Lyn’s arc, which puts the villain bouncing between good and evil, is still far from being completed and should include some good surprises in the near future.

We also learn that Skeleton, now transformed into a god by the magic of the Sword of Power, will remain “absolutely obsessed with achieving his goals, something that never changes,” according to Hamill. One can imagine that this obsession, which has already prompted complaints from Evil-Lyn in Part 1, will increase the sorceress’ doubts about her positioning between light and dark.

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