Celebrate Batman’s 85th Anniversary with These Exclusive Funko Pop! Collectibles

Batman 85th anniversary funko pop deluxe

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Entertainment Earth (figure, keychain)
Amazon (figure, keychain)

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Attention, Bat-fans! This year marks a momentous milestone in the world of Gotham City’s Dark Knight. To celebrate Batman’s 85th anniversary, Funko Pop! has released two incredible collectibles that no true fan can resist. Introducing the Batman 85th Anniversary Keychain and the Batman Soaring Figure—both designed to capture the essence of our beloved Caped Crusader.

Meet the Batman 85th Anniversary Keychain

Imagine carrying the symbol of justice with you wherever you go. The Batman 85th Anniversary Keychain is not just any keychain—it’s a miniature masterpiece. Standing at approximately 1.5 inches tall, this vinyl figure is meticulously crafted, showcasing Batman in his iconic black suit, complete with his flowing cape and determined stance. Perfect for your keys, backpack, or even as a unique addition to your Funko collection, this keychain is a constant reminder of the bravery and determination Batman embodies.
Batman 85th Anniversary Batman Soaring Funko Pocket Pop! Key Chain

Introducing the Batman Soaring Figure

Take your collection to new heights with the Batman Soaring Figure. This deluxe vinyl figure stands proudly at 4.5 inches tall, depicting Batman in a dynamic, mid-flight pose. His cape billows around him, ready to strike fear into the hearts of Gotham’s criminals. The detailing on this figure is impeccable, from the meticulously painted bat emblem on his chest to the sharp, intense gaze that only Batman can muster. Display it on your desk, shelf, or anywhere you need a touch of Gotham’s finest.

Batman 85th Anniversary Batman Soaring Deluxe Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #521

Why You Need Both in Your Collection

Why settle for one when you can have both? The Batman 85th Anniversary Keychain and Batman Soaring Figure are the perfect pair, each complementing the other in a unique way. The keychain allows you to carry a piece of Batman’s legacy with you daily, while the soaring figure stands as a bold centerpiece in your collection. Together, they encapsulate the spirit and history of Batman, making them an unmissable set for any fan.

A Tribute to the Dark Knight

For 85 years, Batman has been a symbol of justice, resilience, and hope. From his first appearance in “Detective Comics” #27 in 1939 to the countless movies, TV shows, and comics that followed, Batman’s journey is one of the most captivating tales in superhero history. Bruce Wayne, the man behind the mask, dedicates his life to protecting Gotham City, driven by the tragic loss of his parents. His story is a powerful reminder that even in the darkest of times, a hero can rise.

Secure Your Set Today

Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to own a piece of Batman history. The Batman 85th Anniversary Keychain and Batman Soaring Figure are limited edition collectibles that every fan will covet. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting your Funko Pop! journey, this set is a must-have. Head over to the links below and add them to your cart before they’re gone!

Get ready to join the celebration and honor the legacy of Batman with these exceptional Funko Pop! figures. It’s time to bring a piece of Gotham home and let Batman’s heroic spirit soar in your collection.

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With these two fantastic collectibles, you’re not just celebrating Batman’s past—you’re becoming a part of his enduring legacy. Don’t wait—grab your set today and let the Dark Knight continue to inspire and protect, one Funko Pop! at a time.

Available at:

Entertainment Earth (figure, keychain)
Amazon (figure, keychain)

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