Celebrate Oz: 85th Anniversary Tin Man Funko Pop!

The Wizard of Oz 85th Anniversary Tin Man Funko Pop 1517

As the world of Oz celebrates its 85th anniversary, so does one of its most cherished characters—the Tin Man. Funko honors this milestone by releasing The Wizard of Oz 85th Anniversary Tin Man Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #1517, a collectible that encapsulates the timeless charm and enduring message of L. Frank Baum’s creation.

From Silver Screen to Collector’s Dream

The Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz” is a figure etched deeply in the collective consciousness of pop culture, transcending the boundaries of time to remain an emblem of the search for humanity and emotion. They were born from the pages of L. Frank Baum’s novel imm, orientalized in the 1939 film The Tin Man’s Quest for a Heart, touches on a universal longing for compassion and connection, making him a character that resonates with audiences generation after generation.

In the land of Oz, amidst the magic and the fantastical, the Tin Man poignantly represents the human condition. Despite being made of metal, he is arguably the most human of all Dorothy’s companions. His desire for a heart, to feel and love, symbolizes a deep-seated intrinsic need of every person—to be more than just the sum of their parts, to experience life fully with every beat of their heart.

Pop Tin Man 85th Anniversary hi-res 1
Pop Tin Man 85th Anniversary hi res 1

His origins in the story are tragic: a woodcutter turned into a tin figure by a wicked witch’s curse, yet he is never bitter. Instead, he is gentle, kind, and always considerate, often putting the needs of his friends above his own. He might not have a physical heart within his mental chest, but he acts with kindness and selflessness, which define heartfelt humanity.
Funko’s creation of the Tin Man figure is a tribute to this depth of character. The careful crafting of his silver visage and the meticulous detailing that gives form to his tin exterior all work to capture the essence of the Tin Man’s spirit. Even his pose—oil can in hand, a tool he uses not for himself but to help others—speaks volumes of his altruistic nature.

In the world of collectibles, where every piece tells a story, the Tin Man Funko Pop! is a narrative of hope and heart. Owners of this figure aren’t just collecting a character; they’re embracing a symbol of the timeless quest for what makes us all human—emotion, empathy, and the endless capacity to care. With this figure, collectors can hold a tangible piece of a journey that has, for 85 years, taught us that true heart comes not from what one is made but from one’s actions and choices.

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