Celebrate the Arrival of New Gundam Funko Pops: MS-06S Char’s Zaku II and RX-78-2 Gundam!

Gundam Funko Pops

Get ready, Gundam enthusiasts! The latest additions to the Funko Pop! Animation lineup are here, and they bring the timeless rivalry from the iconic Mobile Suit Gundam series to your collection. Introducing the MS-06S Char’s Zaku II (#1717) and RX-78-2 Gundam (#1716) Funko Pops! These new releases perfectly capture the essence of their respective characters and mobile suits, blending nostalgia with a modern collectible twist.

MS-06S Char’s Zaku II: The Red Comet Strikes Again

MS-06S Chars Zaku II

Meet Char Aznable, the charismatic and enigmatic ace pilot of the Principality of Zeon, also known as the “Red Comet.” Char’s Zaku II is no ordinary mobile suit. Painted in his signature red color, this MS-06S model is a symbol of his elite status and remarkable piloting skills. Char’s Zaku II Funko Pop! captures the distinct look of this legendary suit, from the mono-eye sensor to the imposing shoulder spikes and iconic red hue.

Personality Traits:

  1. Strategic Genius: Char is renowned for his brilliant tactical mind, often outsmarting opponents on the battlefield with ease.
  2. Charismatic Leader: His ability to inspire loyalty and command respect makes him a pivotal figure in the Zeon forces.
  3. Driven by Vengeance: Char’s quest for revenge against the Zabi family drives much of his actions, adding a layer of complexity to his character.

RX-78-2 Gundam: The Symbol of Hope

RX-78-2 Gundam

The RX-78-2 Gundam is more than just a mobile suit; it’s a beacon of hope for the Earth Federation during the One Year War. Piloted by the young and brave Amuro Ray, the Gundam stands as the ultimate weapon against Zeon’s tyranny. The RX-78-2 Gundam Funko Pop! showcases the classic design with its red, white, and blue color scheme, complete with the V-fin and beam rifle.

Personality Traits of Amuro Ray:

  1. Courageous Hero: Amuro’s journey from a civilian to a seasoned pilot demonstrates his growth and unwavering courage.
  2. Reluctant Warrior: Initially hesitant, Amuro’s natural talent and sense of duty push him to fight for justice.
  3. Determined Innovator: Constantly upgrading and adapting the Gundam, Amuro’s ingenuity often turns the tide of battle.

The Legacy of Mobile Suit Gundam

First aired in 1979, Mobile Suit Gundam revolutionized the mecha genre with its complex characters and realistic portrayal of war. The series follows the intense conflict between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, highlighting the personal stories and struggles of its characters. Char and Amuro’s rivalry is central to the narrative, embodying the larger ideological clash between their factions.

Why You Need These Funko Pops in Your Collection

  • Nostalgia Factor: These figures are a fantastic way to relive the epic battles and emotional moments of Mobile Suit Gundam.
  • Exquisite Detail: Funko’s craftsmanship ensures that every detail, from Char’s Zaku II’s red armor to the RX-78-2’s weaponry, is meticulously captured.
  • Perfect Display Pieces: Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a newcomer, these Funko Pops make stunning additions to any collection.

These new Gundam Funko Pops are more than just collectibles; they’re a tribute to the enduring legacy of one of the greatest anime series of all time. Add MS-06S Char’s Zaku II and RX-78-2 Gundam to your collection and celebrate the timeless clash between the Red Comet and the Gundam. Don’t miss out—grab yours today and relive the epic saga of Mobile Suit Gundam!

Available at:

Entertainment Earth
Amazon (early link)

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