First Look At The Upcoming Evil Homer Funko Pop

Evil Homer Funko Pop 1367

Available Soon at:

Funko (DROPS 06/26 AT 09:30 AM PST)

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Are you ready to embrace your inner prankster with a touch of Springfield charm? The Funko Pop family is about to welcome a delightfully devious addition that will have “The Simpsons” fans and collectors rubbing their hands with glee. Get set to meet the mischievously enticing “Evil Homer” Funko Pop!

What Makes “Evil Homer” Funko Pop a Must-Have?

As an embodiment of Homer Simpson’s naughtier side, this vinyl figure captures the essence of everyone’s favorite animated patriarch like never before. From its devilish grin to the iconic pitchfork, every detail on this collectible is a playful nod to Homer’s occasional lapses into mischief.

Who is “Evil Homer”?

Long-time viewers of “The Simpsons” might recall the brief but memorable appearance of “Evil Homer” in a classic episode where Homer gleefully contemplates the benefits of no longer having his boss around. This Funko Pop is a tangible piece of nostalgia that brings a unique moment from the series to life, offering fans a chance to own a slice of the show’s legendary humor.

Design Details and Features:

This figure stands out with its vibrant red color scheme and the unmistakably mischievous horns and tail, signaling that this is Homer like you’ve never seen him before. Holding some deliciously evil-looking maracas, “Evil Homer” brings a dash of wicked fun to the Funko universe.

Collectibility and Display:

Funko Pops are renowned for their collectibility, and “Evil Homer” is no exception. It arrives in a beautifully designed box, complete with “The Simpsons” branding and a clear window that makes it display-ready straight from purchase – a perfect addition to any shelf or desk.

Why is “Evil Homer” a Timely Addition to Your Collection?

With the continuous popularity of “The Simpsons” and the character’s enduring relevance in pop culture, “Evil Homer” Funko Pop arrives as a timely collector’s item that encapsulates the humor and heart of the series.

  • How Can “Evil Homer” Funko Pop Add to Your Collection’s Narrative? “Evil Homer” doesn’t just stand alone – he represents a theme of playful villainy that can complement other figures in your collection. Whether displayed alongside heroes or other mischievous characters, he offers a visual and thematic contrast that can elevate your collection’s narrative.
  • What Should Collectors Expect? Anticipation is high for this exclusive release, and collectors should keep their eyes peeled for release dates and special edition labels. As a Funko exclusive, “Evil Homer” is expected to be in high demand, making it a potentially valuable piece for both sentimental and monetary reasons.

In a world of Funko Pops where heroes and villains jostle for attention, “Evil Homer” is poised to capture hearts with his playful representation of temptation and mischief. Perfect for fans of “The Simpsons,” collectors of unique pop culture items, or anyone who enjoys a touch of humor in their collection, “Evil Homer” is definitely a conversation starter, a piece of animation history, and a delightfully devilish addition to any collection.


Keep your eyes peeled for the release, and prepare to bring a bit of Springfield’s quirky charm into your home with “Evil Homer” Funko Pop!

Available Soon at:

Funko (DROPS 06/26 AT 09:30 AM PST)

Entertainment Earth


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