Flamboyant Tengen Uzui: A Must for Demon Slayer Fans


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Funko Europe

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Entertainment Earth

Demon Slayer aficionados and Funko Pop enthusiasts, the moment to augment your collection is here. With the launch of the exclusive Tengen Uzui Funko Pop, we welcome a touch of the Sound Hashira’s flair to our display shelves. Like the character, this release is not just an addition but a celebration of the luxury and strength that Tengen Uzui embodies.

Character and Collectible Fusion

Tengen Uzui, embodied in the Funko Pop figure, is a pivotal character from the anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. He holds the title of Sound Hashira, one of the most elite positions in the Demon Slayer Corps, an organization dedicated to protecting humanity against demons.

Tengen is a character larger than life, both in stature and personality. His flamboyant nature is matched by his combat proficiency. Uzui is known for his extravagant way of living and speaking, which is richly reflected in his extravagant choice of clothing. Despite his flashy exterior, Tengen is a deeply serious and dedicated fighter with abilities as sharp as his sense of style.

His combat style is unique. He utilizes sound and his keen sense of hearing to detect and defeat demons. This style aligns with his flashy personality, which often incorporates his own flair into his fighting techniques, making him a standout character within the series. Tengen’s backstory, including his upbringing in a strict and brutal shinobi family and his subsequent abandonment of that life to become a demon slayer, makes his character complex and multifaceted.

Tengen’s presence in “Demon Slayer” is marked by his significant role in the “Entertainment District Arc,” where his skills and leadership come to the forefront as he faces some of the series’ most formidable foes. Despite his somewhat narcissistic tendencies, he cares deeply for his comrades and the mission of the Demon Slayer Corps, often putting himself at significant risk to protect others. This complexity and his character development throughout the series make Tengen Uzui a memorable and beloved figure to fans and a sought-after character for collectibles.

The Sound Hashira’s Lore

Tengen Uzui’s unique sound-based fighting style stands out even among the elite Hashiras. His character’s depth and development throughout “Demon Slayer” have cemented his place as a fan favorite. This Funko Pop is a tribute to his journey and the indomitable spirit he represents.

Display Recommendations and Considerations

  • Display Creatively: Showcase Tengen alongside other Hashira members to recreate the Demon Slayer Corps in all its glory.
  • Maintain the Collection: Keep the box intact and the figure dust-free, preserving its mint condition.
  • Connect with Others: Share your passion with online communities, and keep abreast of Funko news to enhance your collector experience.

The exclusive Tengen Uzui Funko Pop is a piece of the “Demon Slayer” saga brought to life. This figure will appeal to seasoned collectors and inspire newcomers to delve into the rich world of anime collectibles.

Funko exclusive Tengen releases on Monday April 8th, 2024  at 9:30AM PT

Available at:

Funko Europe

May also be available at:

Entertainment Earth

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