Slam Dunk Collectibles: NBA Mascots Funko Pops – Burnie and Champ

Burnie and Champ NBA Funko pops

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Entertainment Earth (Burnie, Champ)
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Basketball fans and Funko Pop collectors, get ready to score big with the latest NBA mascot figures! Introducing Burnie from the Miami Heat (Pop! 09) and Champ from the Dallas Mavericks (Pop! 08). These vibrant and fun mascots are here to bring the excitement of the court to your collection.

Burnie: Miami Heat’s Fiery Mascot

First on the roster is Burnie, the Miami Heat’s lovable, flame-headed mascot. Known for his high-energy antics and fiery passion, Burnie is a fan favorite both on and off the court. This Funko Pop perfectly captures his unique look, complete with his bright orange fur, oversized green snout, and Miami Heat jersey.

NBA Mascots Miami Heat Burnie Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #09
Burnie’s figure is a testament to the spirit of Miami Heat games. His playful yet determined expression brings to life the energy he exudes during games. Whether he’s hyping up the crowd or entertaining fans with his dance moves, Burnie is always the center of attention.

Champ: Dallas Mavericks’ Hoofed Hero

Next up is Champ, the Dallas Mavericks’ trusty blue stallion. Champ is known for his acrobatic stunts and unwavering support for the Mavs. This Funko Pop figure showcases Champ in all his glory, sporting his signature blue fur, white mane, and the Mavericks’ jersey.
NBA Mascots Dallas Mavericks Champ Funko Pop! Vinyl Figure #08
Champ’s figure embodies the heart and soul of the Dallas Mavericks. With a basketball in hand and a confident grin, Champ is ready to lead the Mavs to victory. His dynamic pose and detailed features make this Funko Pop a slam dunk for any collection.

Why Burnie and Champ Make the Perfect Pair

These two Funko Pops are more than just mascots; they represent the excitement and thrill of NBA games. Burnie and Champ bring the electrifying atmosphere of Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks games right into your home. Displaying them together is like having your very own courtside seats!

Having both figures adds a layer of rivalry and camaraderie to your collection. Imagine the playful banter and friendly competition between Burnie and Champ as they cheer for their respective teams. It’s a fun and unique way to celebrate your love for the NBA.

Fun Facts to Elevate Your Collection

  1. Burnie’s Origins: Burnie’s design is inspired by the fireball featured in the Miami Heat’s logo, making him a literal embodiment of the team’s fiery spirit.
  2. Champ’s Acrobatic Skills: Champ is not just a mascot; he’s an athlete! Known for his impressive dunks and high-flying stunts, Champ keeps the crowd on their feet.
  3. Mascot Madness: Both Burnie and Champ have been involved in countless memorable moments, from hilarious halftime shows to inspiring community events.

The Perfect Addition to Your NBA Collection

Burnie and Champ Funko Pops are not just figures; they are the heartbeats of their teams. Whether you’re a Miami Heat fan, a Dallas Mavericks supporter, or simply a Funko Pop enthusiast, these mascots are a must-have. They bring the vibrant energy of NBA games straight to your collection.

So, why not add both Burnie (Pop! 09) and Champ (Pop! 08) to your lineup? These Funko Pops are the ultimate way to show your team spirit and keep the excitement of the NBA season alive all year round.

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Available at:

Entertainment Earth (Burnie, Champ)
Amazon (Burnie, Champ)

May also be available at:

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