Unleash the Homunculus: Gluttony Funko POP! Joins the Fullmetal Alchemist Collection

Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Gluttony Funko Pop 1582

Get ready, Fullmetal Alchemist fans—the insatiable Homunculus known as Gluttony has arrived in Funko form, and he’s ravenous for a spot in your collection! This Entertainment Earth Exclusive Funko Pop! Vinyl figure is a must-have for fans of the acclaimed anime series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.


A Voracious Addition

Figure #1582 showcases Gluttony, one of the Seven Sins, with his iconic wide-eyed smile and the Ouroboros mark prominently displayed on his tongue—a chilling yet captivating feature for any Funko POP collector. This limited edition piece comes in window-box packaging that is perfect for display. This isn’t just any ordinary figure; it’s a piece of Fullmetal Alchemist lore. Gluttony’s presence in your collection is a powerful reminder of the dark yet profound narrative that Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is known for. It’s a testament to the intricate character design and storytelling that have captivated fans worldwide.


Decoding Gluttony: The Voracious Homunculus of Fullmetal Alchemist

Gluttony is one of the Homunculi, the primary antagonists in the anime and manga series Fullmetal Alchemist. Each Homunculus is named after one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and Gluttony represents overindulgence and excess eating. Created by the main antagonist, Father, Gluttony possesses characteristics both childlike and monstrous.

He is typically seen with a voracious appetite for food and human flesh, often consuming everything in his path. However, his greedy behavior isn’t just a simple trait but also a part of his unnatural abilities. Gluttony has an extraordinary power related to his sin: the ability to consume anything in his “false Gate of Truth.” This makes him a dangerous entity capable of swallowing people, objects, and even locations into a dimension within himself.

Gluttony’s appearance is distinctive with his rotund shape, large, round eyes, and wide, ever-smiling mouth that belies the threat he poses. The Ouroboros tattoo, which all Homunculi bear, is located on Gluttony’s tongue, further emphasizing his role as a devourer. Despite his terrifying abilities, Gluttony exhibits a straightforward, almost innocent demeanor, showing attachment to his fellow Homunculi, especially Lust, whom he seems to have a childlike dependency on.

Gluttony’s character adds a layer of horror to the series due to his appetite and powers, yet he is also a tragic figure. He lacks the understanding of his existence’s nature and operates on the basic instincts and orders given to him by Father. His portrayal swings between sad and petrifying, making him a complex character within the “Fullmetal Alchemist” universe.


While Supplies Last

Remember, this is an Entertainment Earth Exclusive, meaning it’s a limited edition figure that won’t be around for a while. If you want to assemble Father’s creations or enhance your array of anime collectibles, Gluttony is a unique addition that promises to stand out.

Act swiftly, fellow alchemists and collectors! This exclusive Homunculus is on the prowl, and only while supplies last. Make haste to Entertainment Earth and secure this essential piece of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood for your Funko Pop! collection before it’s devoured by the masses.

Available Now at:

Entertainment Earth

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