Star Wars: R2-D2 Gets a Tamagotchi Version and Goes on Pre-Sale

Star Wars R2-D2 Gets a Tamagotchi Version and Goes on Pre-Sale

Star Wars meets Tamagotchi in this R2-D2 Digital Pet! If you’ve been a parent of any Tamagotchi pets in the past, then you’ll be glazed over with the Star Wars version of R2-D2.

We can interact with R2-D2 using the Tamagotchi play pattern with a Star Wars story. From its time at the Droid Factory to your possession, R2-D2 needs to be charged (feed), wiped (keep happy), and cleaned – if not, R2-D2 stands the risk of being taken away by Jawas!

There are two default mini-games – Fire Fighting and Dejarik (holochess). We can train your R2-D2 well to unlock that 3rd mini-game!

According to Bandai’s Business Management Team Manager Takayoshi Oyama, this collaboration is extremely important to the fans and the company. What’s more, this is only the first Tamagotchi inspired by the franchise, and other characters are coming in the near future.

Star Wars has proven to be a timeless franchise. […] We can’t wait to see how fans of the franchise will react!“.

Pre-sale starts this Monday (2) evening at Entertainment Earth in white and blue colors. You can purchase at this link when available.

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