The Exorcist: Gordon Green Plans a Trilogy With Ellen Burstyn and Leslie Odom Jr.

The Exorcist Gordon Green Plans a Trilogy with Ellen Burstyn and Leslie Odom Jr.

The Exorcist reboot, which was already in pre-production by Blumhouse Pictures under the direction of David Gordon Green (“Halloween”), will actually be the beginning of a new trilogy of films in the saga.

In the production, Academy Award winner Ellen Burstyn (“Requiem for a Dream”) will reprise the same role in the original 1973 film directed by William Friedkin. She will be joined by “A Night in Miami” Academy Award nominee Leslie Odom Jr. (“Hamilton”).

As Ellen Burstyn‘s return indicates, the new trilogy will be a direct sequel to the acclaimed original film. Leslie Odom will bring to life the father of a child possessed by the demon. Desperate for help, he seeks out the character of the Oscar winner, whose daughter, Regan (Linda Blair), was a victim of the same evil in the 1973 production.

At least initially, the reboot is not expected to touch on the subsequent films of The Exorcist since Burstyn was not in them.

Jason Blum will produce the new trilogy alongside Morgan Creek’s David Robinson, who owns the rights to The Exorcist franchise.

According to The New York Times, Universal and streaming service Peacock have purchased the trilogy in a mega-deal valued at more than $400 million. The first film in the new series is expected to be released in the second half of 2023, a year after the conclusion of the Halloween trilogy, also directed by Gordon Green.

While no further information on the new trilogy of The Exorcist is available yet, the collaboration between Blum and Green will soon return to screens with Halloween Kills The Terror Continues, a sequel to 2018’s Halloween that opens on October 15. The dive into the Michael Myers psychopath franchise ends on the same date in 2022, with Halloween Ends.

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