The Flash: Ben Affleck’s Batman Returns With Behind-The-Scenes Photos

The Flash Ben Affleck's Batman Returns With Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Confirmed in the Flash movie from pretty much day one, Ben Affleck’s Batman has appeared for the first time in behind-the-scenes footage. While it’s unclear if it’s the Oscar winner under the suit, the images show the Dark Knight riding around town on his motorcycle.

The actor’s return to the Batman mantle is something that fans of the DC movie universe have been waiting for for a long time.

Although it is most likely just a stuntman recording the shenanigans on a Batmotorcycle, there is a suspicion that it is indeed the Batfleck version – although the costume doesn’t reveal anything entirely new or unusual.

Fans have pointed out that the motorcycle’s design looks a lot like the Batmobile used in Affleck’s films. Other behind-the-scenes photos show some details of how the production has transformed the city of Glasgow, Scotland, into Gotham City and Central City.

The Flash‘s solo film will adapt Flashpoint, the iconic comic arc in which the Flash messes up the timeline by going back in time and preventing the murder of his mother. In addition, the movie may show an older, embittered, and violent Batman.

Ezra Miller returns to the role of the speedster, Michael Keaton will be an older version of Batman/Bruce Wayne, Sasha Calle will be Supergirl, Maribel Verdú (“The Labyrinth of the Faun”) will be Nora Allen, the Flash’s mother, and Ron Livingston (“The Conjuring”) will be Henry Allen, the hero’s father.

The Flash is scheduled to premiere on November 4, 2022.

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