The Mandalorian: Lucasfilm Hires Youtuber Who Fixed Luke’s Face

The Mandalorian Lucasfilm Hires Youtuber Who Fixed Luke's Face

It seems that Lucasfilm is alert for new talent that can add quality to the company’s hiring list. The Star Wars production company has hired YouTuber Shamook, responsible for a video using the deep fake technique to improve the quality of visual effects that restored the young Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) in The Mandalorian series.

As Shamook himself describes it, the deep fake technique is a “synthetic media in which the video of an existing person or image is replaced by the face of another person, making use of powerful machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques.

Released on December 21, 2020, the video that recreates the ending of The Mandalorian already has nearly two million views! It places over Hamill’s already rejuvenated face a new layer of special effects, delivering a more natural and convincing result.

The most surprising thing? The video results from only four days of work by the YouTuber, who commented that he could also improve the lip movement if he had access to scenes shot before the first batch of special effects on Hamill’s face.

“[Industrial Light and Magic] is always on the lookout for talented artists and have in fact hired the artist that goes by the online persona ‘Shamook. Over the past several years, ILM has been investing in both machine learning and A.I. as a means to produce compelling visual effects work, and it’s been terrific to see momentum building in this space as the technology advances,” Lucasfilm said in a statement.

In another fantastic video from Shamook, he compares how Robert De Niro’s face in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman (2019) could have improved the actor’s youthful appearance if the deep fake technique had been used, rather than rebuilding his face via CGI.

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