The Suicide Squad: Cursing Idris Elba Was Intimidating, Says Storm Reid

The Suicide Squad Cursing Idris Elba Was Intimidating, Says Storm Reid

Storm Reid plays Tyla, the daughter of Bloodsport in Suicide Squad, and her relationship with her father is not exactly smooth.

The villain, played by Idris Elba, receives a visit from the young girl while still in Belle Reve prison, and they inevitably exchange a few rude words during their conversation. The actress commented on what it was like to record this moment.

Reid talked about the film in an interview for Variety and confirmed that cursing at Idris Elba, in the role of Robert DuBois, was “intimidating.” She also spared no praise for James Gunn for directing the film.

It is very intimidating, especially the way you put it, cursing out Idris Elba!,” Reid told Variety.

“It’s all part of the fun of acting, stepping into your character’s shoes and trying to embody a character, but also not neglect your raw emotion as a human being.

They all made me feel comfortable. We had a day of going back and forth. Mr. James, really made us go at it and had us do it in a lot of different ways. ,” she said.”

The 18-year-old actress said she wouldn’t think twice about returning for an eventual sequel to The Suicide Squad, which has yet to be confirmed. Tyla is one of the main motivations behind Bloodsport and is very important in building the villain character.

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