The Walking Dead 11 Gets Original Story, Outside The Comics

The Walking Dead 11 Gets Original Story, Outside The Comics

Anyone looking through The Walking Dead comics for spoilers from the last season will be disappointed, according to one of the producers.

The Walking Dead Season 11, which will wrap up the series, will feature an entirely original story independent of Robert Kirkman‘s comics. However, some elements from the last four arcs can be found.

According to producer Denise Huth, the main novelty is the new enemies, known as Reapers, which do not exist in the comics. In an interview with the Twitch channel TWDUniverse, she talked about the series’s freedom regarding the comics after so many years.

“It allows us a little more opportunity to breathe and introduce some storylines that aren’t in the comic books, and that, I think, is always really exciting for us,” she said.

Kirkman’s original comics will remain a staple, even with the freedom of this latest season, as Huth herself made clear.

“One of the beautiful [things] about getting to adapt something is that the comic books will always be there. That story will always exist as Robert wrote it,” the producer said.

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