Daki Funko Pop Revealed: The Demon Slayer Antagonist Collectible

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Gather around, “Demon Slayer” fans—the latest Funko Pop release brings to life one of the anime’s most captivating and perilous villains, Daki. This figure, a masterful blend of Funko’s charming style with the demon’s sinister elegance, is poised to be an irresistible draw for collectors. A character shrouded in malice and grace, Daki’s Funko incarnation is as much a statement piece as a tribute to her complex role in the series.

The Allure of Daki

Daki, known for her striking appearance and formidable powers, is perfectly encapsulated in her Funko Pop. With exquisite attention to detail, the figure showcases her distinct features—from the elaborate hairstyle adorned with golden ornaments to the intricately patterned kimono that speaks to her deceptive allure. The design elements highlight her status as an Upper-Rank demon, combining beauty with lethal intent, making her a fascinating subject for collectors who appreciate nuanced antagonists.

  • Collector’s Sentiment: This piece not only stands as a collectible but also embodies the pivotal moments of “Demon Slayer,” where Daki’s true nature and powers are unveiled, offering fans a tangible connection to the series’ darker themes.

Character Background and Series Impact

Daki is a compelling antagonist from the anime “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” introduced explicitly in the “Entertainment District Arc.” She is a demon of considerable power, occupying the rank of Upper Moon Six within the Twelve Kizuki—a group of the most potent demons under the command of the series’ main antagonist, Muzan Kibutsuji.

Her character is defined by her sadistic nature, vanity, and yearning for recognition and approval from Muzan, to whom she shows an almost fanatical devotion. Daki prides herself on her beauty and strength, often underestimating her opponents due to her arrogance. This recurring theme of underestimation leads to captivating battles between her and the series’ protagonists. Daki possesses the unique ability to manipulate her obi, which she uses as a weapon with lethal proficiency. Her obi can take on multiple forms and is as versatile as it is deadly, capable of capturing and dismembering her victims.

Yet, Daki’s character can only be fully understood by acknowledging her deep bond with her brother, Gyutaro. Their shared past is one of hardship and survival on the harsh and unforgiving streets, which led to their eventual transformation into demons. This shared history adds a tragic dimension to her character, invoking a sense of empathy amidst the terror she instills.

Daki’s presence in “Demon Slayer” is marked by her hostility and the depth and complexity of her motivations. She is not evil for the sake of being cruel; her actions are driven by her past and her desire for approval and a place in the demon hierarchy. This multi-layered character construction makes Daki a fascinating subject, both within the narrative and as a character worthy of representation in collectible form, like the Funko Pop that captures her distinctive appearance and essence.


The Daki Funko Pop is a nod to the multifaceted villains that “Demon Slayer” portrays, reminding us of the intricate tapestry of narratives woven throughout the series. For collectors and fans, Daki serves as a memento of the rich storytelling and character development for which “Demon Slayer” is celebrated.

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