Beach Adventure Awaits! New Nightmare Before Christmas Funko POPs Coming Soon

The Nightmare Before Christmas Funko Pop

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Anticipating the New Beach-Themed Funko POP! Releases from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”

This week, the unveiling of a new Funko POP! collection featuring “The Nightmare Before Christmas” characters is set to make waves among fans and collectors. The anticipation builds as we await the first glimpse of Jack Skellington, Sally, and Zero, reimagined for a beach scenario. Here’s what makes this upcoming release particularly exciting:

Jack Skellington: A New Look for the Pumpkin King

Imagine Jack, the master of fright from Halloween Town, swapping his usual dark attire for something more suited to the sunny beaches. How will Funko play with Jack’s iconic look in a beach setting? Will he sport sunglasses? Perhaps a beach hat? The possibilities for creative adaptations are endless, and fans are eager to see how Funko will blend Jack’s skeletal charm with a fun, summery twist.

Sally: Seamstress of the Sand

Sally, with her knack for stitching things together, might just be the most intriguing character to see in a beach context. Fans are speculating about her outfit—will it be a patchwork swimsuit or a sundress? How will her gentle, caring nature translate into a relaxed, beach-going version? The release promises to add a new dimension to Sally’s character, showcasing her in light-hearted, cheerful scenarios.

Zero: Floating on Sea Breezes

Zero, Jack’s devoted ghost dog, is likely to capture hearts with whatever adorable beach accessory Funko chooses. Will he be seen with a little beach ball or floating over a tiny beach towel? Zero’s figure has always been a fan favorite for its cute and ghostly aesthetic, and seeing him in a beach setting will surely be a delightful surprise.


A Must-See for Fans and Collectors

Introducing these beloved characters in a beach setting is not just a new addition to a collector’s shelf; it’s a fresh take on a classic story that continues to resonate with audiences. This series promises to bring a playful and imaginative twist to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” lore, blending the spooky with the sunny in a way only Funko can.

Stay tuned for the big reveal, and prepare to be charmed by Jack, Sally, and Zero’s seaside adventures. Whether you’re a long-time collector or a new fan of the series, this release is set to be a delightful expansion of your Funko POP! collection.

Keep an eye out on the following links for availability:

Funko Europe

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