The Wizard of Oz™ Collectible Spotlight: Dorothy & Toto Funko Pop! #1502

Funko Pop Dorothy Toto Sepia 1502 85th Anniversary

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Greetings, collectors and enthusiasts of all things whimsical and wondrous! Today, we’re unveiling a true gem for your display cabinets – the exclusive sepia-toned Dorothy and Toto Funko Pop! #1502. Celebrating the 85th Anniversary of the iconic film, “The Wizard of Oz,” this collectible isn’t just a figure; it’s a ticket back to the enchanting Yellow Brick Road.

A Tribute to Timeless Cinema

Crafted with care, the vinyl figure stands approximately 4 inches tall, capturing the essence of the young Kansas girl and her faithful canine companion. This duo, portrayed in a vintage sepia, pays homage to the film’s transition from monochrome to color, symbolizing Dorothy’s journey from the dustbowl to the vibrant Land of Oz.

The Journey to Oz: A Legacy Cast in Vinyl

The Wizard of Oz is a cinematic legend, woven into the fabric of pop culture since 1939. This Funko Pop! captures the starting point of Dorothy’s quest, with her innocent gaze and Toto snuggled in her arms, promising a tale of adventure and self-discovery. Whether you’re a lifelong fan or a new admirer, this figure resonates with the heart of storytelling.

From Kansas to Your Collection

Position this collectible among your shelves and be instantly transported to a world where scarecrows talk, lions show courage, and tin men harbor deep affection. This exclusive item not only elevates your collection but stirs a nostalgic breeze that whispers the iconic line, “There’s no place like home.”

The Path Forward: Why This Collectible Is a Must-Have

  • Exclusive Edition: Embrace the uniqueness of the sepia edition, bringing a piece of film history into your home.
  • Memorable Moments: Reignite the joy of following the Yellow Brick Road with every glance.
  • Perfect Pair: Dorothy and Toto, in their solidarity, embody the timeless message of companionship.

The sepia Funko Pop! Dorothy and Toto #1502 is a celebration of the 85th Anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz,” a memento of cinematic history, and a token of adventure that stands the test of time. Invite Dorothy and Toto into your collection, and let the magic of Oz permeate your space.

Are you ready to skip down the Yellow Brick Road with this charming collectible? Let us know your thoughts, and if you’ve got your Ruby Slippers on standby for the next addition to your collection!

Remember, in the world of collectibles, every piece tells a story, and this one speaks of dreams, friendship, and the everlasting quest for home.

Happy Collecting!

Available at:

Entertainment earth


May be available at:

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